August 2020

Power to Overcome Shame

08-30-20 PM “Power to Over Shame”. by Ron Davis

It’s Getting Dark

08-23-20 PM “It’s Getting Dark”. by Ron Davis

Safe Landings

08-16-20 PM “Safe Landings” by Ron Davis: 2020

The Price We Pay for Wrong Choices

“08-02-20 PM The Price We Pay for Wrong Choices.”

July 2020

King David at His Best

07-26-20 PM King David at His Best

Preaching to Dry Bones

07-12-20 PM – Preaching to Dry Bones

The Power of Patience

07-05 PM “The Power of Patience”

June 2020

Lessons from Two Gardens

06-28 PM Lessons from Two Gardens”.

Equipping Disciples

“06-21 PM Equipping Disciples”.

Connecting in a Disconnected Society

“Connecting in a Disconnected Society” by Ron Davis. Released: 2020. Genre: Sermon.